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I love immersing myself into entire worlds. Ones full of knights and dragons, vampires and gritty cities of towering giant trees, ones of wastelands and kickass heroines, brave men who weld magic and word, and stories of revolution, liberation, and ruination. I read almost anything but my favourite genres are fantasy, a dash of sci-fi and (good!) young adult. Kickass heroes and heroines are preferred, and bad ya romance should exit left. I like my romance in the backseat and slow burning.

Tuesdays With Morrie

Tuesdays With Morrie - Mitch Albom Four stars is a bit generous. It's more of a three and a half stars.This is more of an thoughtful read than anything. It's touching yes, but I wish the characters were a bit more developed. Maybe it was just me, but Mitch was rather two dimensional. I know this is Morrie's story, but I wanted to learn more about Mitch. How did his visits with Morrie start to affect his life? I wanted to see what happened with his job; what could have changed between him and his wife. Did he revisit the idea of kids?While the themes discussed made me think every now and then, I wished it was a bit more subtle in its messages and less throwing it in our faces.Overall it was a nice and rather simple read, but I don't think it was memorable enough to stay with me.